The US Department of Defense announces Withdrawal of 25% of Troops from Afghanistan

The US General Scott Miller an appointed commander in Afghanistan, had words with BBC News. He said that they were watching closely how the post-Eid ceasefire opens up. Previously, the Taliban and Government both declared a 3-day ceasefire on the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr.

Miller added that ideally, as Afghan people desire, the Taliban might continue with reduced violence. However, expectations contradict and there might be a surge in violence. Furthermore, He spoke about Afghan security forces. He stated that the forces have the capability to maintain a hold on Afghanistan. That is why the US is trying to put them in the best possible posture.

The US Ensures Support for its Afghan Partners

Miller answered multiple questions about the US forces leaving Afghanistan. He stated that the US would ensure that their Afghan security will deal with the situation effectively. The US announced the withdrawal of its forces will be complete on September 11.

Responding to a question of whether if the US has failed in its mission in Afghanistan, he said, “We really need to take an honest look at the things we did not do as well as we wanted to. Certainly, there were some victories along the way, but I think history will judge this and the future will tell the rest of the story.”



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