US Encourages the Reconstruction Opportunity Zones Across Pak-Afghan Border - Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

The Democratic US Senator Chris Van Hollen appeared at a virtual conference on Pakistan-Afghanistan Economic Development Act. Pakistan Origin Democratic leader Tahir Javed hosted the conference.

Pakistan-Afghanistan Economic Development Act is a bipartisan bill which is sponsored by Van Hollen and other congress members. He stated that this is not an attempt to replace CPEC. He further added that they proposed the bill 15 years back to facilitate both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Contrarily, Hollen said they aimed to provide both Pakistan and Afghanistan with an opportunity to grow economically and create more career opportunities. He added that they also looked forward to limiting the chaos through the bill after the US troops’ departure.

ROZs will Help Limit Post-Withdrawal Chaos

Senator Hollen said that the Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) in the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan would help to enhance political stability. He added that it would help to block the elements like Al-Qaeda and ISIS after the US leaves Afghanistan.

According to the proposal, the newly merged areas of Khyberpakhtunkhuwa will have three ROZs. The ROZs will also be located in Balochistan.

Moreover, remarking about the power transition he said that the US packed bags in Afghanistan in the 80s after the Soviets left which gave a chance to certain actors to fill the vacuum and hold power.

Pakistan-Afghanistan Economic Development Act to Extend Beyond 2030

Reportedly, the Pak-Afghan economic development act’s validity may extend beyond 2030. Bill provides duty-free access to Pakistan’s Textile and apparel industry. In the future, the list of US trade considerations may see an addition of more products.

Lastly, Senator Hollen encouraged investments in Pakistan through US Development Bank for private sectors. Further, he added that ILO standards should have to be observed in ROZs across border areas.

Tahir Javed, remains hopeful that Pak-US trade would help to implement ROZs after it is successfully passed.



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