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Raouf Mazou, UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Operations visited Afghanistan for the first time. After completion of a visit, he urged the international community to engage in Afghanistan and support Afghan Refugees. Mazou stated, “Afghanistan is at a critical and historical juncture. The ongoing efforts to find peace, relief and development activities need to be scaled up.”

He showed concerns about the rising violence in 2021 that has caused the displacement of many people in Afghanistan. Additionally, he said around 100,000 people have left their homes and are now facing internal displacement. 


UNHCR Ensures Afghanistan its Full Support


Raouf Mazou assured UNHCR’s support to Afghanistan during his meeting with Amurallah Saleh, a First Vice-President, Noor-e-Rahman Akhlaqi, a Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, and Mirwais Nab, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Afghanistan has a population of approximately 35 million people with a youth bulge who face various challenges. Millions of Afghans escaped war and sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Pakistan and Iran hosted a huge number of refugees despite their own challenges. 

In the last six months, UNHCR has assisted over 100,000 internally displaced Afghans. It facilitated them by providing; hygiene, sanitary, emergency shelter kits, family tents, and other non-food items. Moreover, it provided elders, women, children, and disabled people with Cash assistance. 


Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan Sees a Decline


The international community has contributed immensely during the last 20 years. However, aid and funding for Afghanistan are now seeing a decline. Humanitarian assistance faced a funding shortfall. Similarly, UNHCR’s financial dedication of US$ 123.5 million for 2021 is only 24% funded.


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