The government has removed the old employees of a police hospital including officers and other staff members and hired new people in their posts. Over the span of merely a week, the government has fired almost 90% of the employees from the 300-bed hospital.

A former accountant at the police hospital in grief said, “I rent lodging, I have small children, what I should do now? How long we will use nepotism to get a job?” Every employee who had been fired from hospital has a different story of pain.

On the other hand, Da Afghanistan Bank is trying to get back on the better economic conditions as the fresh wave of COVID-19 has emerged, which recorder 53,000 cases and 2,200 deaths.

A full time Governor for Da Afghanistan Bank is not confirmed even after a year, which is adding to the economic issues brought by the pandemic and gush in violence against civilians by insurgents and terrorists even as the peace talks with the Taliban continue. Afghanistan is also facing an increase in unemployment that can lead the country into a serious recession economically.

An economics professor at Kabul University Saifuddin Saihoon said, “Lack of governor at the Da Afghanistan Bank is detrimental to our economy, which is already suffering from COVID and severe political instability.” He further said, “We have already seen inflation dreadfully rising and a lot of manufacturers went bankrupt due to COVID.”

The Economic Advisor to the President, Ajmal Ahmady said, “Our main priority should be to help grow the country’s economy.” He also said, “In other countries, 50% of their support to their economies comes from their Central Banks but unfortunately in Afghanistan such support did not happen yet.”

After years of conflicts between the government and Taliban, the Afghan government is heavily dependent on international support.

Mir Rahman Rahmani said, “Afghanistan is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate; removal of employees and reduction of institutions has increased the unemployment.”

The government is still relying on the bank to solve these matters and take measures to set policy for the future. If the country will have economic problems, unemployment will increase even more and that could lead to a big job recession that will also worsen the unemployment. The state should consider its citizens an important asset of the country who will bring forward a bright future of Afghanistan.


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