It is reported that the Pakistan Railways reservation system has crashed all over Pakistan. This was specifically noticed in Cantt, City, and Landhi Railways stations. Booking offices, which used to open at 8 am, remain closed. The ultimate crash of the ticketing system is adding more loss to the PR economy. In such chaos, it seems difficult to see the revival of PR.

Future Hopes

On 23rd January, Azam Khan Swati (Railways minister) negotiated about the Government Strategy for the revival of Pakistan Railways. The government says the Department will strive to keep the basic structure of Pakistan as up-to-date as much as possible. The government is also going to prioritize the working class of PR by providing them the best working facilities including buildings, hospitals, and educational institutions in the upcoming days. Azam Khan Swati motivated the workers union to put their best efforts into the development of the railway department and remain as honest as possible in their duties. He also added that railway assets would not be sold at any cost and the lands of railways, which are illegally occupied, would be regained as soon as possible.


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