Frontier Corp (FC) is once again targeted by the cross-border attack from Afghanistan on a military post in Mohmand District on Wednesday. A solider Sepoy Fazal Wahid from swat valley, sustained a bullet wound during the fire exchange and embraced martyrdom later on.

Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistani forces responded promptly to the attack on the international border inside Afghanistan. Heavy weapons and mortar were used in the cross border attack.

“During the exchange of fire, FC solider Sepoy Fazal Wahid received bullet injury and embraced martyrdom,” said the ISPR statement..

Pakistan has continuously demanded the Afghan authorities to take effective border management measures on their border side to check terrorist activities.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Office Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri strongly condemned the attack and urged for a solution to the issue; so that non-state actors and terrorists not be able to use Afghan soil for actions against Pakistan. He called upon the Afghan government to take actions against the terrorist activities and terrorist attacks on Pakistan and Pakistani forces.

Referring to last year, November to be exact, terrorists attacked Pak-Afghan border’s security check post near Zhob Balochistan. In which a solider embraced martyrdom and two soldiers were injured.

In another border terrorist attack on Pakistan Army post at Bajur KPK in October, a solider was martyred and another got injured.

To this attack ISPR responded and tweeted as, “Resultantly Havaldar Tanveer embraced SHAHADAT while one solider got injured.”

There is 2,600kms border sharing between Pakistan and Afghanistan. To block terrorist movements and improve the security situation on the borders, Pakistan is close to completing a border fencing project.

Pakistan must focus on its own border management and also work with the Afghan government to make it possible to take action against all terrorist activities operating from either side of the border that aim to sabotage peace between both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Image source: Reuters


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