Shabana Fayyaz
Dr Shabana is a renowned academic and policy practitioner of Paistan. She holds PhD (Doctor of Philosophy from University of Birmingham, UK. She also authored a book: Pakistan's Response to Terrorism: A Case Study of Musharraf era, 2020. Dr Shabana is a member of the Aman-o-Nisa (National Women collision for Women Role in Peace and Security. And an editorial board member of Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI). Also an Advisory Member, ACDC(Arms control and disarmament center). She sas hosted and participated in number of radio and television programs focusing on terrorism, counter-insurgency, challenges of de- radicalization and non-traditional security issues. She has a number of publications in international journals at her credit such as “Anti-terror Laws in Pakistan”; “Towards a Durable Peace in Waziristan”; “Terrorism: A Human Security Challenge in South Asia”; “Trends in Pakistan's Security policy - Post 9/11 phase”, “Religious extremism and militancy in South Asia”, and; “India- Pakistan: Joint Anti-Terrorism Mechanism – Perspective from Pakistan”; “Women Moderating Extremism in Pakistan, and; “Women Role in Post-conflict Reconstruction And Rehabilitation in Pakistan”.