Ms. Amna Khan SRF
Amina Khan is Director Centre for Middle East & Africa (CMEA) at the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISSI), Islamabad, where she oversees research and advocacy-related work on all facets of CMEA. Prior to this, she served as a Research Fellow and a Senior Research Fellow at the ISSI, focusing on Afghanistan and FATA. Over a period of almost fourteen years, she has published extensively on Afghanistan, and has presented her research at multiple national and international forums. In her new position as Director CMEA, in addition to her other responsibilities, she will continue her research on Afghanistan, and other related issues. A recipient of OSI/FCO/Chevening Scholarship 2009-2010, Amina has a Masters degree in Democracy, Politics and Governance (DPG) from Royal Holloway University of London. She also has a Masters degree in Defense and Strategic Studies (DSS) from the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad (2005). She has been a Visiting Fellow at the SWP Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik – German Institute for International and Security Affairs (2011). Currently she is pursuing her doctoral degree from Quaid-e-Azam University.