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The Taliban have declared a three-day ceasefire for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday. Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and is a day of celebration and peace for all Muslims. The decision came just two days after the government blamed the Taliban for the terror attack outside a school. This attack eventually killed more than 50, the majority of the victims were schoolgirls.

Taliban Issue Eid Ceasefire Statement

However, the Taliban have denied responsibility for the attack. Furthermore, a statement issued by the Taliban claims “the Mujahideen of the Taliban are instructed to halt all offensive operations against the enemy countrywide from the first till the third day of Eid.” Moreover, the statement also claims that “if the enemy conducts any assault or attack against you during these days, stand ready to robustly protect and defend yourselves and your territory.”

Afghan Government to Observe Three-Day Eid Ceasefire

The Afghan Government has also declared a ceasefire for Eid celebrations. A statement made by President Ashraf Ghani, ordered the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces to observe a three-day Eid Ceasefire. Furthermore, he said that the past week should have helped the Taliban understand that they cannot bring peace to Afghanistan through the use of force. He added that all offensives had been met with great firepower and that the Taliban should return to the negotiating table.

Taliban Blamed for Major Attacks and Blast

The Afghan government officials have blamed the Taliban for the attack outside a girls’ school in Dasht-e-Barchi. Nearby the capital of Afghanistan largely populated by the Shia Hazara community. This blast was one of the deadliest that Afghanistan has seen in the past year.

The level of violence has spiked since US and allied forces started their withdrawal from Afghanistan. As offensives between the Government and the Taliban continue, terror groups are using the opportunity to harm innocent civilians. Furthermore, a violent incident killed at least 13 civilians and wounded another 37. The casualties resulted from two separate incidents of roadside bomb blasts in the Zabul and Parwan provinces, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Meanwhile, another car bomb blast in Zabul killed 11 civilians and left 28 wounded. The blast targeted a passenger’s bus in Shahr-e-Safa district in the province. The Ministry of Interior blamed the Taliban for these attacks.

The Taliban has so far not claimed responsibility for these blasts, neither has any other group accepted the responsibility.


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