Takhar Salt Mines Facing Negligence

The extraction of salt in the North Takhar province has paused due to technical issues. This resulted because of insecurity and lack of government’s cooperation with the contractor.

Sloppiness has Resulted in Ceasing of Work in Takhar Salt Mines

The local Takhar government officials reported that the contractor owed more than $800,000 to the government. On the other hand, the company spokesmen stated that the insecurity and interference from local strongmen created barriers during their operations.

These salt mines are located in the Namakab and Kulfgan districts. The Taqcha Khan Salt Mine is situated in the Namakab district, whereas, the Archa Kutal Salt Mine is situated in the Kulfgan district of Takhar province.

Reportedly, the salt mines were under contract with the Westco Internation Company. The contract dates back to 2013. According to the agreement, the company must use modern and professional techniques in operating its projects. However, the company is operating via hiring local people and using traditional methods.

The official contract between the parties is available on social media. The company has asked the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to ensure security in the area to the company. This will allow the company to continue its operations without any insecurity and extract the salt. Furthermore, the company has repeatedly warned the local officials not to use traditional mining techniques.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is Looking to Legally Resolve the Matter

Consequently, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has also sent letters to the company. With charging them for misusing their authority. Hence the Attorney’s office will take matters in hand. The ministry responded to the Thakar mines and petroleum department to resolve the problem. However, it is highly essential that the issue is resolved quickly. As a possible expectation, this may result in an exceptional monetary loss to the ministry.


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