Shazia Ishaq and Dr. Sana Ramchand Trailblaze the Road to a More Representative Pakistan - Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

Shazia Ishaq 25, who belongs to a village from Upper Chitral, has become the first woman police officer in the Malakand division after she passed the competitive examination of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). She prepared for the examinations, she said she worked consistently for one year and passed it in her first attempt

After graduating with a degree in political sciences from Islamia College University in 2018. She said she decided to appear for the PSP Competitive Exams because she always dreamt of becoming a police officer. Shazia said the presence of women police officers in and around the police stations would help the women feel secure. Additionally, she said that she joined to Police Force so that women could do their jobs properly.

Recently several cases of female suicide have occurred in Chitral. When asked to comment, she said there’s a lot of frustration and pressure that drives women to take such extreme steps. One of the recent cases involved the death of a 55-year-old woman, who jumped into the lake.

Dr. Sana Ramchand becomes First Hindu Female to qualify for PAS

Dr. Sana Ramchand, the first female Hindu, qualified for Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) formally known as District Management Group (DMG). Dr. Sana has been selected for Pakistan Administrative Service after she managed to clear the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations-2020 and also cleared her interview. Additionally, She became the first-ever female Hindu Assistant Commissioner. Dr. Sana belongs to village Chak, district Shikarpur, and after completing MBBS was serving as an RMO at SIUT Karachi.

According to many activists from the Hindu community, Dr. Gulwani is the first Pakistani woman from the community to have passed this exam since the partition.

“This is an honor for us,” said Sukhdev Hemnani, a human rights defender and activist


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