Russia and Pakistan are expected to exchange views on the Afghan peace process, during this upcoming week. Sources say that Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov will meet Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Islamabad. However, before arriving in Pakistan on the 6th, Lavrov will first visit Delhi.

Moreover, this visit holds importance as it has been 9 years since a Russian Foreign Minister visited Pakistan. The two countries have been at odds in the past, and this visit will signify the growing strategic trust between the two. This was possible because of their shared interests in Afghanistan.

Meeting Agenda

Furthermore, the agenda for the meeting will include the socioeconomic impacts of COVDi-19. They will also discuss the need to improve bilateral relations through economic cooperation and counterterrorism efforts.

Recently, Moscow arranged a conference to help increase the pace of the Afghan Peace Process. Both the Afghan Government and the Afghan Taliban were in attendance at the conference. Additionally,  Pakistan, China, and the US were also in attendance. Moreover, as reported, the parties will also be in attendance at the UN-led Summit, in Turkey.

Primary concerns for Russia and Pakistan, with reference to Afghanistan, are regarding troop withdrawal. Undoubtedly as both countries believe, the implementation of the Afghan Peace Process is essential. Although, it must take place before the US withdrawal.


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