The Ministry of Information and Culture is starting the restoration of a relic that is said to have been the home of Rumi. The restoration of the teaching complex is scheduled to begin this week. 

Originally built out of mud and clay, the teaching complex, included a religious school, a mosque, and a monastery. Experts believe it to be the birthplace of the poet and mystic Rumi.  

The government has long planned to rebuild the teaching complex that includes a mosque, a monastery, and a religious school, and is thought to be Rumi’s birthplace. According to the ministry officials, the plans to have the complex restored had been in process for quite some time. 

The Presidential Affairs department has taken to the task. Although the budget has not been publicized yet. However, some people are saying the estimate could go up to $ 7 million.  

About Rumi

Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Balkhi, also more commonly referred to as Maulana Rumi, was born in Balkh in 1207. However, a site in modern-day Tajikistan also claims to be the birthplace of Rumi. He was a teacher and scholar, who eventually became a poet. His works continue to inspire millions of people across the world.  



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