On Tuesday Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) called on the US’ newly elected President Joe Biden to reconsider US-Trump policies on Afghanistan.

Reconsideration of the policies will be in favor of the security in Afghanistan, said a senator.

Biden is taking office charge from today and it is also expected that he will overturn some of Trump’s policies. Biden’s stance about the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan and the War in Afghanistan is not yet clear.

The Afghan Senators are also expecting Biden to implement a “Kabul-Washington” security deal carefully when he will take over the office.

Stance of Meshrano Jirga

“The US should respect and consider human values in their policies regarding Afghanistan. The US should implement the deal that was signed with Afghanistan”.
“The US should reconsider its policy regarding Afghanistan”, said Senator Kamal Bick Hussaini.
‘The New US government should work for peace in Afghanistan, because the US-Taliban deal has been violated and needs reconsideration, said Senator Anarkali Honaryar.
“The US is a cause of most challenges in Afghanistan, the incoming US administration should work on a balanced policy toward Afghanistan, in order to get Afghanistan to stability and peace”, said Senator Sayed Safiullah Hashmi.

The speaker of Meshrano Jirga Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said that until lasting peace has been achieved, the US should support Afghanistan. “Interests are important for the US, we urge Biden and the US to back Afghans and act based on the Kabul-Washington pact”, said Muslimyar.

It is believed by the Senators that the US can influence the Taliban and people who are in support of them to bring an end to the warlike violence.



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