Ashraf Ghani

President Ghani had announced his counter-plan to US proposal. In last few days, Ghani has met officials from multiple countries and shared his plan with them. This three-phase document is expected to be presented in Istanbul conference.

In a meeting with Ghani, some of officials were NATO’s senior civilian representatives, head of UN mission in Afghanistan and EU nation members.

Sources say Ghani may unveil his document before public next week.

The document has three phases;

  1. Prevailing peace through consensus on mutual political plan
  2. Peace building and formation of Government through democratic means
  3. Sustaining peace and further work on constitutional framework and development

Afghan Government and some politicians opine that they should bring Taliban on the common consent before meeting.

Fraidoon Khwazoon, the spokesperson to reconciliation council said that they hope they could create the consensus.

US is emphasizing on hold of conference in Turkey to conclude its peace deal between Taliban and Afghan Government. According to sources the Istanbul conference could take place within a period of two weeks, although, parties have not reached to consensus yet. Previously, the Taliban suggested organizing the same meeting after Ramadan.


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