A bell-ringing ceremony at the Amani High school, commemorated the beginning of a new school year in Kabul. President Ashraf Ghani was in attendance as the Guest of Honor.

In his address, President Ghani promised to support teachers and the education system and further emphasized the need for quality education in the country. Additionally, he also mentioned plans for the construction of 1800 schools throughout the country. 

Key announcements 

The address included several key announcements, including the decision to implement the promised increment to teacher’s salaries. Additionally, there is also a chance of the creation of 11,000 jobs in the education sector.  

Moreover, promises to improve the digital infrastructure for schools and universities, to ensure better access to education for people throughout the country. Ghani also mentioned the need to introduce practical assessments for those in high school. 

Futhermore, he mentioned that all school textbooks will be published using domestic resources. In order to protect local industries, he also announced the introduction of tarriffs.


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