Aid and assistance are promised by the US and NATO. The US has pledged $300 million for economic projects, ant-drug programs, health and education, women empowerment. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that “President Biden was clear that while the United States will withdraw military forces from Afghanistan, our support for the country will continue. 

Furthermore, as the Americans are withdrawing their troops, they will use their civilian and economic assistance to advance a just and durable peace for Afghanistan and a brighter future for the Afghan people, the statement of Blinken included. 

These efforts will help Afghanistan and its military forces after the pullout of foreign forces“All of those things are factors that will be worked out here in the next few months, and we’ll get an opportunity to see how the Afghans do,” McKenzie said. 

Gen. McKenzie Cites Concern Over Withdrawal

The US forces Top General, in charge of the Middle East showed his concern for the Afghan Military. He said that after the withdrawal of the US troops Afghanistan’s military may not be able to ‘hold on’ easily this year.  Furthermore, he said that the Afghan Air Forces’ capacity was of the greatest concern to him.

Meanwhile in Pentagon, McKenzie said Biden consulted with top military brass including before deciding to pull the troops. “The president went out of the way to ensure all views were on the table,” he said. “I think we all recognize there were risks ahead that fall as a result of that decision. But I would reject the assertion that we’re out of step.” According to him, the US and coalition soldiers were side by side with Afghan forces on the ground. They were also providing aid and assistance to them in the form of intelligence and fire support. 

There are nearly 2,500 American forces in Afghanistan under NATO’s Resolute Support mission. 


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