The Kabul Chapter of the Pakistan Afghan Youth Forum (PAYF) organized a Scholars’ Conference in honor of the Afghan Doctoral Graduates of Peshawar University of Pakistan. Scholars from renowned universities participated in the conference at Mashal University in Kabul. The purpose of the conference was to acknowledge the PhD Scholars as there has been a strong liaison between academic communities of the Pak Afghan Region. Since most of the doctoral graduates who were invited to the conference have their PhDs in Pashto language and literature, the event also aimed to streamline and regard the contribution the scholars of the Pak-Afghan Region have made in the development of this academic field.

There were a number of high-profile participants at the Conference, including the Special Representative of the Ministry of Higher Education, a member of the Afghanistan Academy of Sciences, the head of the National Stability Society, the Founder of Mashal University, and the Chief Information Officer of the Ministry of Public Health. 

11 scholars participated, along with guests including Special Rep of Ministry of Higher Edu, Engineer Sardarwali Salehi.  The alumni cherished memories of their stay at Peshawar University and spoke highly of the strong liaison of Pak-Afghan scholars in the preservation of Pashto literature.

On behalf of the Faculty of Language and Literature at Kabul University, Professor Dr. Abdullah Owab Kamewal said that the youth is not only the wealth of their families but is also the biggest wealth and asset of Afghanistan while suggesting that the level of education in universities must be elevated so that Afghanistan moves in the right direction.

Moreover, the scholars spoke of their experiences from their time in Peshawar and also expressed hope for education to flourish in Afghanistan. It was suggested that visa processes should be facilitated and made easier for Afghan academics to travel to Pakistan and avail opportunities. The scholars also observed that events like this conference are a rare happening and it is perhaps the first time that they are being regarded for their role in society, nation building, and efforts in paving way for cordial educational ties between the two countries.

During his remarks on behalf of PAYF, Inamullah Miakhil, Media Coordinator for the Kabul Chapter, thanked all participants for their participation in the conference and their valuable input.


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