Michigan Acting DA

Saima Mohsin is set to become the first Muslim woman federal prosecutor, after being named the acting US attorney for the district of Eastern Michigan, this decision was taken by Biden Administration last week. She will be responsible for “acting” duties, as the incumbent District attorney resigns, and will assume her role immediately.

A prosecutor, Saima has been at the US attorney’s office since 2002, and before that, she used to work as a Deputy New Jersey Attorney general, and then later and Assistant Director Attorney in Manhattan. Mohsin is honored and has promised to enforce the law faithfully.

More about Sara Mohsin

Mohsin is a Pakistani-American and graduated from Rutgers University, NJ. The incumbent attorney Schneider, who Moshin will be acting instead of, said she was “one of the finest federal prosecutors.”

Those who know her, say she’s a dynamic trial lawyer and as an immigrant, her service is truly historic. Meanwhile, the two leaders with Muslim Advocacy Council on American-Islamic Relations were proud to name her their first-ever Muslim woman at this position.


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