Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram, has submitted a statement to the UN Security Council. The document reiterates the importance of bringing a ceasefire in Afghanistan. It has emphasized the need for a political settlement amongst the Afghans. 

Additionally, Pakistan has also praised efforts to revive the Afghan peace process while warning of spoilers who might derail the process. Moreover, he said that Afghans should not take influence from any external actors.

Ambassador Munir Akram’s Speech 

Ambassador Munir Akram’s address to the council claimed that continuation of violence gave more power to the spoilers. He warned against those using Democracy and Human rights as a guise for their own plans. 

Moreover, Akram said that Pakistan is determined to not let groups like Al-Qaeda, Da’esh, and others to “use” Afghan Territory to threaten its neighbors. Those parties that used Afghanistan to promote terrorism, are those that plan to conduct their “war on terror” against Pakistan.  

While mentioning that Pakistan supports the Afghan Peace Process, and will continue to facilitate negotiations. In conclusion, Afghans must be the masters of their own destiny.


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