In its first official reaction to the Troops withdrawal announcement, Pakistan has urged the parties involved to further progress the peace process. This is a response to, President Biden’s announcement of an unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan. The current deadline is the 11th of September, 2021. Pakistan’s foreign office official said foreign troops’ withdrawal should be accompanied by progress in the ongoing peace efforts in Afghanistan.  

Pakistan FO supports Responsible Troops Withdrawal

Moreover, the official also hoped that the upcoming Conference in Turkey would be optimized and would prove to be a significant opportunity towards a political settlement. He also added that the US should take the onus and continue to urge the Afghan leaders to come to a political settlement. It also encouraged the global community to undertake development and economic initiatives. 

Furthermore, the statement from the foreign office included the support for a political, Afghan-led, and Afghan-owned peace process. It also reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to the Afghan peace process. Additionally, he said that the repatriation of Afghan refugees should also be a part of the developments that follow the peace in Afghanistan. 

Gen Bajwa’s Statement on Troops Withdrawal

In his statement Chief-Of-Army-Staff (COAS) General Javed Qamar Bajwa. welcomed the announcement. He said that peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s best interest. Moreover, he supported the withdrawal. He also reiterated Pakistan’s support for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. This statement from ISPR came after the US Charge d’ Affairs to Pakistan, called on COAS to discuss the withdrawal.

Pakistan has been making consistent efforts to achieving a sustainable peace settlement in Afghanistan. So far, it has contributed to the peace efforts in various ways. This includes various development initiatives and diplomatic efforts. Pakistan has also maintained that peace and prosperity in Afghanistan, means peace in the region. As a result, Pakistan continues to pursue all means to achieving peace in the region.



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