Afghanistan has been marred by conflict for four decades causing a total collapse of state institutions, economy and security apparatus, however, it was able to maintain her geographical sovereignty, but could not continue as a functional state.

Of late, TTA has formed an interim government but evolving situation has created an environment of uncertainty which may result into chaos with serious domestic and regional implications. In these critical moments of transformation in Afghanistan, the world community is seen oblivious to the looming threats due to failure in Afghanistan. Freezing of 9.5 Billion Dollars assets of Afghanistan and numerous other sanctions by US have exacerbated already dwindling socio economics of Afghanistan. Non availability of requisite funds to run the state institutions and maintaining armed forces has become a serious challenge for the interim Afghan government.

Since the takeover of interim government by TTA, there has been no significant assistance provided by the world community apart from few piece meal economic tranches. Pakistan despite her own challenges and weak economy has taken a key role for provision of necessary items to Afghanistan and has energized diplomatic efforts as well to alleviate the looming crisis in Afghanistan.

Since Sep 2021, Pakistan has provided Afghan brothers will all possible assistance which include 4681 tons of ration items (1800 MT Wheat, 1403 ton flour, 76 ton Cooking oil, 361 ton sugar, 372 ton rice, 56 ton pulses, 2 ton salt, 2.8 ton biscuits, 2.3 ton tea, 7.1 ton beans, 4.4 ton pasta, 1.70 ton tomato paste, 3 ton chana, 406 ton family ration packs), 203 ton medicines, 25 ton household kits, 7.5 ton school learning kits, 10.26 ton school tents, 179 ton winter bedding and 121 ton winter clothing.

In the diplomatic domain also Pakistan is doing possible best to bring the global relevant quarters on a consensus for understanding the evolving scenario in Afghanistan, its repercussions and the need to act and act immediately. To this end Pakistan had recently hosted an Extraordinary Session of Council of Foreign Ministers of Organization of Islamic Cooperation at Islamabad which was attended by a large number of delegates from Muslim countries.

Due to relentless efforts by Pakistan, ice is melting on rigid stance of the world community on Afghanistan and of late USA has allowed NGOs to function in the restive country and also conduct their usual transactions. Time is of essence in taking steps for helping Afghanistan to sustain as a functional state as any further delays can result in filling of void by the militant organizations which would be detrimental to not only regional peace but also global peace.

Pakistan alone can not and will not be able to tackle impending challenges thus it is time that world community shares the burden of responsibility and help Pakistan steer the global efforts and avert a definitive crisis in making. The dramatic change in Afghanistan could open a window of opportunity but any misstep could also create serious problems for people of Afghanistan in particular and the world in general.

A few glimpses of Pakistan Aid assistance to Afghanistan


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