Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi assured Pakistan’s continued support for a secure, sovereign and prosperous Afghanistan. A country that is at peace with itself as well as its neighbours.

Pakistan expressed its support at the 9th Heart of Asia Istanbul Process Ministerial Conference, in Dushanbe. Qureshi addressed the Afghan peace process as a ‘defining juncture’. Further stating that after facing over 40 years of conflict and instability it is now so close to prosperity. The minister also highlighted the fact that there are no military solutions to the conflict in Afghanistan. He stated, “It is imperative that this belief continues to guide the Afghan parties, and the international community supporting the aspirations of the Afghan people”.

Pakistan Proposed 8 initiatives towards Afghan prosperity.

The Foreign Minister reiterated that Pakistan has frequently urged for a constructive engagement to ensure a positive outcome.

Pakistan also proposed a number of points to move ahead with. These included; the responsible withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Introducing a goal to achieve an immediate reduction in violence. Further to reidentify as well as building upon the progress that was made throughout the Qatar Peace process.

Moreover, the preservation of the international community’s investment along with the development gains made over the years, concluding the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process into a justified political solution. it encouraged the international community to support Afghanistan in its post-conflict progress and development. it also vitalizied the reconstruction as well as economic development for Afghanistan. Lastly, the Minister signified the importance of a comprehensive plan of returning Afghan refugees with honour and dignity.


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