Turkey and Pakistan to create local content

An official statement has been issued by the Pakistani prime minister’s office which mentioned that Pakistan and Turkey are considering working on a joint project to produce a historical TV series. Kemal Tekden, who is a leading Turkish director,  and his team, met with Khan at his office in Islamabad and they discussed the proposal.

Tekden has directed the popular Turkish TV series “Diriliş, Ertuğrul”, which has a huge fanbase in Pakistan. He has arrived in Pakistan on a five-day visit on Thursday. Khan welcomed the team from Turkey and commended their efforts in producing the historic Ertuğrul series.

Information Minister Senator Shibli Faraz, Kashmir Committee Chairperson Shehryar Afridi, and leading, experienced, actors from the Turkish and Pakistani film industries joined the meeting.

After the Success of Ertugrul

The meeting included a discussion about how shows like Resurrection: Ertugrul are helping the younger generation visualize the “golden” era when Muslims were major global leaders, and familiarizing them with their history and legacy. Shows like “Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu” (The Journey of Love), which is currently being broadcast on Pakistani national television with Urdu dubbing under the name Raah-i-Ishq will help people explore any Sufi leanings they may have, and feel more spiritually awakened due to the story.

History revised

They also discussed the proposal about a joint TV series about a historical time that links Pakistan and Turkey. In the 1920s, at the time of the Balkan wars, many Muslims from the Subcontinent (especially from areas that are now Pakistan) traveled to Turkey. Hoping to help the Ottoman Empire. One such Muslim was Abdur Rehman Peshawari who left his family wealth and education to go to Turkey during the first Balkan war. He ended up being one of the first reporters of Anadolu Agency at the time of its founding. Known fondly as Turk Lala (Lala means elder brother in Pashto). The people of Turkey continue to celebrate him each year on 30th June, according to Tekden.

Turk Lala

A joint venture about Turk Lala would play an important role in educating the youth.  It would also cultivate their sense of identity by linking them back to their historical and cultural roots. Additionally, the venture promises to be a lucrative investment. Resurrection: Ertugrul remains popular in Pakistan, with the Urdu Youtube channel for the series having grossed 11 Million subscribers. While Raah-i-Ishq has built itself a growing fanbase. Turk Lala focuses on an almost-forgotten hero from Pakistani soil. It is more than likely that it will gain even more traction.

An unfortunate time

Khan’s meeting with the Turkish Media Team has resoundingly been termed distasteful due to its timing; people from the Hazara community in Quetta have been protesting for days with 11 unburied. Murdered bodies of loved ones and community members, begging that the Prime Minister visit them and hear their grievances.

Image Source: Anadolu Agency


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