Pak-Afghan Youth Jirga – Education Impacting Students in the Times of Pandemic

The Pak-Afghan Youth Jirga Series, is based around highlighting the issues that the youth of Pakistan and Afghanistan face. The Jirga (a council of elders) traditionally includes representatives and elders of tribes. The emphasis is on giving the youth a voice in the policy narrative.

Student Issues in Youth Jirga

Students have had to face a wide host of problems. These include problems of accessibility and the lack of compatibility of the current curriculums with online education systems. An increase in cases of depression and anxiety have also been reported, along with problems of maintaining a healthy “work-life” balance.

Building Better Policies

With the onset of a second wave, Educational institutions are still struggling to build a proper response. As a result, foreign students, or those who live farther away have had to deal with a lot of uncertainty. This Youth Jirga will offer a platform for the Pak-Afghan Youth, to voice their concerns and share their problems. The Jirga will be focusing on specific issues, such as those of accessibility, assessment mechanisms in distant learning, and issues of mental and physical health.

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