We Are Stories We Tell — Are We?

Let’s tell the stories that’ve been growing in our hearts — to envision our future by channeling our experiences into diverse interpretations!

PAYF’s — “Stories We Live By” — brings you tales from #Pakistan & Afghanistan of all those years, that define who we are now – living in the moment, we have become more aware of the power of the narratives in the International relation diplomacy – With this understanding of how the story of me, became the story of us, defining our story of now – Pak Afghan Youth Forum has launched a series based initiative, “Stories We Live By” to revive the forgotten Pak Afghan tales of what we have gone through that defines where we are now – knowing that our stories are a part of the larger regional story of the Pak Afghan nations!

Concept Note

Session 1

Narrator: Lt Gen (R) Naeem, Former Defence Minister
Moderator: Sumaira Khan, PAYF Senior Coordinator

Topic: A Revisit of Security Threats in Pakistan and Afghanistan: Past, Present and Future

Session 2

Narrator: Dr Talat Shabbir, Director Pakistan China Study Center, ISSI
Moderator: Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: CPEC and Afghanistan; Linking Ancient Stories of Silk Routes in the Region

Session 3

Narrator: Amb Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador in Afghanistan
Moderator: Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: Afghanistan & The Regional Chessboard: From 9/11 to Taliban’s Rise to Power — An Ambassador’s Lens

Session 4

Narrator: Dr Rabia Akhtar, Director CSSPR, University of Lahore
Moderator: Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: Pak-Afghan Intelligentsia and Youth Diplomacy; Setbacks, Existing Challenges and Future Prospects

Session 5

Narrator: Dr Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Minister Economy, Afghanistan
Moderator: Mr Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: Afghanistan’s Economic Landscape: Challenges & Opportunities

Session 6

Narrator: Mr Syed Muhammad Ali, Director Strategic Defense, Security, & Policy, CASS
Moderator: Mr Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: Brotherhood History: Opportunities Between Pakistan & Afghanistan

Session 7

Narrator: Dr Qibla Ayaz, Chairman, Council of Islamic Ideology
Moderator: Mr Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: Pak-Afghan Relations & Islamic Ideology: Diplomacy, Existing Challenges & the Future Prospects

Session 8

Narrator: Ms Fajer Rabia Pasha, Director PAGE Pakistan
Moderator: Mr. Salman Javed, DG PAYF

Topic: _Challenges & Responses in the Field Of Education: A Tale of Pak-Afghan Post-War

Session 9

Narrator: Mr Ziaulhaq Amarkhil, President & Founder of the National Stability Association, Afghanistan, Former Governor, Nangarhar, Afghanistan
Moderator: Mr Razik Yar, Journalist & Anchor, Khurshid TV

Topic: Tracing Economic Oppurtunities, Governance Challenges and Future Prospects: A Story of Rebuilding Afghanistan

Session 10

Narrator: Ambassador (r) Abrar Hussain
Moderator: Mr Salman Javed, DG PAYF


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