Jirga Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

Over the past few decades, Afghanistan has suffered turmoil in every aspect – from governance to economic, social & political crises. In spite of all this, Afghanistan has persevered through these challenges and now has an opportunity to rebuild itself.

The six-weeks old Taliban government is yet to be recognized internationally. Which will also impact the provision of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Pakistan being the next-door neighbor has been contributing towards rebuilding Afghanistan diplomatically and through assistance goods despite of the fact that Pakistan is the second most affected country of the decades old Afghan War. This is due to the fact that historically Pakistan was effected by the spillover of the developments in Afghanistan. Even recently, the current wave of terrorist activities in the West of Pakistan targeting the Chinse and the security forces can be viewed in the context of the transition in Afghanistan. Therefore, while Pakistan plays a responsible role in the region, it is also necessary for it to take into account its own security.

Hence, a holistic view needs to be taken of the challenges that Pakistan faces in its role as a neighbor and as a partner. In order to address these views PAYF, in collaboration with the Institute of Regional Studies is holding Pak-Afghan Jirga on the 6th of October,2021.

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