Pak-Afghan Diplomatic Efforts – State Level to Public Diplomacy

Afghanistan and Pakistan’s relationship has been at times demanding in nature as the two countries are expected to have each other’s back. Mainly, because of the complex nature of their relationship. Pakistan shares the same ideological linkages with Afghanistan, which evolved into a soft corner between them. Therefore, both sides have made numerous diplomatic efforts to further flourish the partnership. The convergence of regional security interests is yet another factor that brings the two countries closer together.

The Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) was a step in the right direction for more sustainable growth. This framework’s objective was to effectively engage the institutions on both sides. These sides include Politico-Diplomatic, Intelligence sharing, Economical, and Refugee crisis, and Military integration. This framework is a mutual trust which binds them together in the promise of cooperation. In order to facilitate interaction between citizens so that they may recognize their shared feelings and sentiments.

Pak-Afghan Public Diplomacy Efforts

For this purpose, Pakistan formulated a new visa policy for Afghans which will facilitate person-to-person contacts. This policy includes multiple entry visit visas for either investment opportunities or to study. Pakistan’s vision has been to see peace prevail in Afghanistan and it has made certain efforts for it, such as in 2015, Islamabad opened the door for the first round of direct talks between the Afghan government and Taliban to build a mutual understanding.

The implementation of foreign policy is not just related to conventional diplomacy; sports diplomacy has also been around to polish the diplomatic ties among nations. In this volatile region, sports diplomacy is not new, from India to Pakistan to Afghanistan, it has made its mark.

Refugees in Public Diplomacy

Furthermore, the influx of Afghan refugees has increased rapidly in the last decades and in order to cope up with them, Pakistan introduced many programs to prioritize refugees and to support them with facilities to provide them with access to various provisions. Pakistani authorities have also focused on providing cyclical training to teachers with help from provincial authorities in order to ensure that the future of Afghans remains everlasting and the need for skills and knowledge can be fulfilled as well as the capacity of institutions dealing with Afghans in Pakistan.


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