The Afghan peace meeting in Istanbul that was to take place on 15th April is cancelled.  This is due to the coming of Ramadan, the Tablian have suggested postponing the meeting.

Earlier, the Taliban and the Afghan Government confirmed their participation in a meeting. They declared it as an essential step towards Afghanistan’s future.

In the following meeting, Representatives from regional countries and major powers will also join the platform. The meeting aims to create peace in Afghanistan. After decades of conflict and turmoil, the US has finally proceeded forward towards a peace process.

In a similar meeting, it was expected that the Afghan President would offer the presidential plebiscite under his counter-plan to the US proposal. Back then, Ashraf Ghani rejected a proposal of replacing his government with an interim government, which he referred to as “undemocratic mean”. Also, he said he will participate if the Taliban attend the meeting.

Whereas, Taliban have a different perspective and they plan to announce the Islamic system in Afghanistan.

The Istanbul meeting focuses on resolving clashes between the Taliban and the Afghan government. It aims at the formation of a new government in Afghanistan which would encompass a 90 days ceasefire agreement.


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