Event: 1

Title: Vigil to Show Solidarity with the Victims of the Kabul University Attack

Dated: November 2020


PAYF organized a vigil to show support for the victims of the Kabul University Attack, which claimed the lives of close to 22 students.

The vigil was held to help share in the sadness and anxiety of our fellow Afghan students, who were severely affected by the attack. Many Afghan students from all the major universities in Islamabad, including the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Quaid-E-Azam University (QAU), Islamic International University Islamabad (IIUI), and Muslim-Youth University, attended the candlelight vigil as part of PAYF’s efforts to improve relations between the two nations.

Despite being a one-time event, the vigil’s demonstration of empathy as a result of shared emotions left a long-lasting impression.



Event: 2

Title: Afghan Refugee Village Visits

The PAYF team paid a visit to the Islamabad Refugee Settlement on the International Day of Book Reading since storytelling and reading aloud are two of the most enduring forms of cultural transmission.

Since many of the approximately 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan have obtained education and established careers, Pakistan sees them as a valuable resource for improving Pak-Afghan relations.

The purpose was to draw commonalities between two nations which created a long-lasting impact.

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Event 3

Title: Iftaar Distribution Drive for the Afghan Children and Families

Dated: 27 April 2022


Team PAYF in collaboration with PAGE and Ms Fajer Rabia Pasha reached the Star School in Afghan Basti, Islamabad for an Iftaar distribution on 25th Ramazan. PAYF’s Iftaar distribution drive was meant to be a gift for Afghan brethren in Pakistan, for brotherhood is always marked with a sentiment of love & care.

The Iftaar drive wasn’t just about the distribution of Iftaar packages, it was about the little moments we shared with the kids; the happy moments we exchanged and lived together as kids have neither past nor future; they enjoy present, which very few of us do.


Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z64D-29EHBA


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