The Community Development Council under the Afghanistan Rural Access Projects (ARAP) has largely benefitted local rural communities by providing proper infrastructure. Streets have been paved which have benefitted localities like Pul-e-Babo, Dehdadi Kohna, and Araban, improving the locals’ access to the district center. The paving of the streets has resulted in improved transportation and tourism to the district.

Pul-e-Babo – a success story

Before the ARAP went underway, the Pul-e-Babo street was rough and problematic, villagers and local businesses suffered greatly because of the state of things. Additionally, during rainfall, the water would accumulate and often flood the houses, while also increasing the risk of water borne diseases.

Ever since the street has been paved, it has become easier for the locals to commute to and from work, even the district center has become more accessible. Moreover, the roads have now made it easier to reach the historical site of Khan Aqa-e-Kalan, which local business owners are hoping will attract tourism and help increase their sales.

A better drainage system has also accompanied the newly paved streets, which reduces the risk of water-borne diseases and flooding. The streets were paved by ARAP engineers, who completed the work within four months with a budget of 3.5 million AFS.


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