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Afghanistan is a country that has been at war for years. Due to its geostrategic position, it has always been subject to foreign interventions. A beautiful country with a remarkably hardworking generation has faced years of devastation and turmoil. The young generation grew up in the midst of firearms and armed conflict. Despite all the unfavourable circumstances, the Afghan youth has never lost their courage and perseverance.

In fact, the young generation of Afghanistan is the main driver of social, economic, and political changes. They are the backbone and leaders of reform and change. Undoubtedly, the Afghan youth is the main motivator of development in the last twenty years. They have accomplished numerous achievements, including in the sectors of arts and music. Likewise, in sports, with their tireless efforts, the Afghan National Football team has always been able to raise the tricolour flag of Afghanistan.

Rights of Afghans and the Future Generations

The Afghan youths are the creators and representatives of the country’s democratic values; the values that have been enshrined in the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan. For instance, the 2004 Afghanistan Constitution delineated that; “every Afghan has the right to express his or her opinion through speech, writing, images or any other means in accordance with the law”.

Similarly, with regards to the right to education, as provided by the government, Afghan citizens can study to free up to Bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, the fundamental right to work provides all citizens, males and females, to seek a decent job and earning.

In fact, the creators and representatives of these values ​​are the Afghan youth. Notably, these values ​​have come at the cost of lives, therefore, no Afghan wants to lose them.

Participation of Afghan Youth in the Country’s Future

Experts believe that given the current situation in Afghanistan, the young generation of the country plays a greater role in; politics, economy and cultural activities. Only after this, Afghanistan will begin to see a positive and significant change in the country.

Given all these facts, the new generation should be aware of all their rights. They should have an understanding of their rights, which allows them to understand how they can influence the government’s decisions; especially in regards to the Peace Process. The Youth should always seek to sustain their political participation. They can do this in a variety of ways, such as; creating organizations, participating in political programs, debates, participating in demonstrations and launching peaceful marches. Amongst all other ways, this also includes active social media participation, peaceful litigation.

In conclusion, It would be the new generation who is mostly going to be affected by the Afghan Peace Talks. Therefore, the youth must play an active role in order to maintain a better future for themselves.

As a young afghan I believe, war should not be a legacy for future generations.

As a young Afghan I believe, war should not be a legacy for future generations; Peace does not mean the absence of war but the end of the war. The youth can play an active role in the Afghan Peace Process and has the capability to lead their country to prosperity.


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