US special envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad meets the Head of the high council for national reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah on Monday in Kabul. During the meeting, the US-Taliban peace deal was brought into the discussion.

Head of the HNCR office released a statement on Monday highlighting the matters during the meeting, which includes peace talk, Doha peace agreement, development in the peace process, and ways to carry the process with efficiency, decrease in conflict, and second rounds of afghan talks in Doha.

US Department’s statement

US department also released a statement on Monday; said that Khalilzad will have a discussion with the federal government, afghan leaders, Taliban representatives, and regional allies, who exert pressure on political settlement and peace in Afghanistan as it serves the mutual interest and is the only way forward.

Khalilzad’s visit to Afghanistan

Later on Monday, Khalilzad met President Ashraf Ghani at the presidential palace. The peace process and its latest developments as well as future options and plans were also brought into the discussion. Khalilzad guaranteed president Ghani that the US will play its role in establishing a long-lasting harmony in Afghanistan.

Khalilzad’s visit at this time emphasizes the caution that the US needs to practice in its handling of the Afghan Peace Process. The most recent development, in this case, has been the decision to delay troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.


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