President Ashraf Ghani, and First and Second Vice Presidents, Amrullah Saleh, and Sarwar Danish attended the inauguration of the Kamal Khan Dam in Western Nimroz 

The inauguration of the dam has come as a relief to the locals. Many people have celebrated the long-awaited inauguration. They say that it is a welcome development for workers in the agriculture sector. Subsequently, the Kamal Khan Dam will help improve the economy of the province.

Additionally, President Ghani also addressed the public on this occasion. He said that Afghanistan will remain independent and all rumors should be dismissed. Using the symbol of birds migrating to the province, he said prosperity will return. Furthermore, while mentioning those people that had been displaced, he said it was time for them to return to their land.

Similarly, he added, that return of control of water resources to the hands of Afghans, is a cause for celebration.

Located in Chahar Burjak District, has a capacity of 52 million cubic meters. The dam will supply water to the provincial center and will irrigate 174,000 hectares of land in three districts. Additionally, it will help prevent flooding in the district. 


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