Journalists in Afghanistan Receive Foreign Support on World Press Freedom Day - Pak Afghan Youth Forum

Diplomatic missions in Kabul have commemorated World Press Freedom Day by promising assistance to Afghan journalists. More than a dozen missions issued joint statements. They stated that Afghanistan’s vibrant media was one of the country’s biggest success stories in the last two decades.

Support from Diplomatic Missions

Moreover, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the EU Delegation, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the United States, and the United Kingdom all pledged to assist Afghan journalists.

“As Afghanistan’s international friends and partners, we reaffirm our commitment to stand by its journalists and the media sector. We continue to support Afghan journalists to stand up for their rights and to oppose undue restrictions on their work.”

Free, Strong, and Independent Media are Vital Components

According to the joint statement, a free and independent media and a strong media sector are vital components of an inclusive and representative Afghanistan.  The statement went on to say that free and independent journalists and media organizations required assistance. Particularly, in order to combat corruption and encourage people to engage meaningfully in democracy by providing accurate information.

Reportedly, the diplomatic missions stated that a lot more is needed to achieve security. The campaign of violence against journalists and other members of the media must come to an end. Journalists must be secure.

Media Plays a Key Role for Journalists in Gaining Public Support for Peace

According to the press release, the media plays a critical role in gaining public support for peace and any potential diplomatic solution to the conflict and keeping those who reject peace for their own narrow political goals to account.

Furthermore, They demanded that the perpetrators of workplace abuse and murder be brought to justice. Reportedly, they notified that the most vulnerable in such situations are female journalists and media workers.

Subsequently, the joint statement elaborated, “The impunity for such crimes remains a serious challenge and creates a chilling environment, limiting the media sector’s ability to operate freely.”

Lastly, many Afghans have given their time, energy, resources, and even their lives, to help create this important public good. “We pledge our continued support in defense of a free and independent Afghan media.”


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