When Islamabad’s Master Plan got approved in the 1960s, by then-President Ayub Khan, the  Shakarparian Park became a place of historical value. More recently The Ministry of Science and Technology has planned to construct an observatory and a space museum in the park. The Capital Development Authority has approved an area of 50×47 square feet for the construction.

The debate for and against

However, even though the project is one that can add value to Islamabad’s tourism, several relevant concerns are being raised by citizens. Mr. Roedad Khan, a former bureaucrat, is one of those people who are not in favor of the construction, as he believes it will affect the biodiversity of the hills, and as a protected area, construction should not be permitted. He claims that there is significant precedent to reject the construction of the park.

However, he is not alone in his dissent against the construction of the park, other prominent personalities have also pointed out that this development will contribute significantly to deforestation and encroachment. The opposing side, those in favor of the park being built, claim that it is the most suitable site because of the altitude, additionally, should the project go to completion it will bring a lot of benefit to students, researchers, and the general public.


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