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India’s RAW supports ISIS in Afghanistan

According to Major General Baber Iftekhar India promotes anti-Pakistan agenda in six domains. This includes abetting terrorism, targeting economy, using diplomacy, fomenting chaos, Kashmir and social issues.

Also, this was done secretly. Through a disinformation campaign. Limitless fake material in favour of abolishing Article 370 to strip Occupied Kashmir of its special status was disseminated.

Promotion of anti- Pakistan agenda

“India promotes an anti-Pakistan agenda. He argued that the report has been prepared by a third party and an international organization. India can deny this to any extent but it is not possible. “Truth always prevails and it has prevailed,” He said. He also stated that the army and the martyrs’ families have good morale.

It was the duty of the incumbent government to respond to such allegations. Government has responded to these in a good manner and was trying to tackle it.

Civil-Military relations

Furthermore, the Major General also silenced voices speculating the strained relationship between the civil government and the military.

Additionally, talking about the PDM’s allegation he said that government had ordered Army to conduct elections and it did this with full responsibility and honesty. “I don’t see a reason for [them] coming to Pindi. And if at all they want to come, we will offer them refreshments and look after them”
Splinters groups:

Similarly, he said that external hands were making efforts to form a wing of Daesh in Pakistan. However, its presence is not much here. He said that there were splinters groups of different militant organizations which keep on using its names for credibility.

Operation Raddul-Fasad:

Pakistan army has eliminated the support bases of terrorists, their facilitators, abettors, financiers and illegal arms and ammunitions to a large extent.

Recoveries of more than 72,000 weapons and five million ammunition 450 tons of ordnance have been made. “There is a 45 percent decrease in major terrorist incidents in 2020 as compared with 2019”

Suicide attacks:

Moreover, he said Karachi was the sixth position in the world in the index of crime. Decreased to 103rd position now in 2020. “There is a 95 decrease in terrorism; 98 percent in target killings and ransom for abduction, and 99 percent in extortion cases”

Border issues

Additionally, out of 2611 km Pak-Afghan border, more than 83 percent of work has been completed. There was a 55 percent decrease in terrorism incidents in border areas. Besides a decrease of 16 percent in IED attacks in border districts.



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