Recently, organizations like the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have highlighted the need for counseling centers and trained psychiatrists. Under its Reintegration Assistance and Development in Afghanistan (RADA) program, has started providing psychosocial services for those in need. Conflict in the country has damaged many people and their mental health as well. A small number of Afghans are able to access mental health care centers.

Currently, the IOM is providing these services with the help of its implementing partners. Furthermore, the IOM also coordinates with the ministry of health and other non-governmental organizations, to ensure that locals may access these services.

There are several cases that can help to highlight the effectiveness of these programs. Fatima’s case is just one of many; The killing of her teenage son marked the beginning of her struggle.

So, when Fatima visited the doctor for her mental health, he did not refer her to any other doctor. Instead, she left with a prescription for painkillers. Her husband heard about Movement for Protection Organization (MPO), talking about psychological reactions same as Fatima is going through.  The very next day she went MPO office and she was immediately sent for psychological counseling.

There are thousands of women who have suffered like Fatima, because of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. According to World Health Organization (WHO), over two million people in Afghanistan are suffering from psychological disorders. Peace is their basic need for survival now.



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