The initiative for the development of Pakistan Railways has been taken by launching the tourist train. The train will cover the historic areas which lie on the route between Golra and Attock city.

On Sunday, an inauguration took place where the chairman of the senate, Sadiq Sanjarani supported by Azam Khan Swati, Minister of Railways were present. This new initiative taken by the government will help to promote and bolster the tourism industry.

The operation will be conducted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This step will allow the tourists to enjoy traveling by capturing the glimpse of breath-taking and scenic views of Potohar which further consists of Margalla Hills, Tunnels as well as numerous bridges like Haro Bridge, Attock Khurd bridges, etc.

The inauguration ceremony took place at the old Golra railway station established back in 1882. A museum has also been built up by Pakistan Railways located at the station.

Chairman senate Sadiq Sanjarani said:

Such types of trains that will boost the spectacular beauty, amazing culture, and magnificent heritage of the state will also be introduced in other cities of Pakistan. Promoting the tourism industry is the duty that applies to every individual which will add to the growth and development of any state attached to tourism.

Pakistan Railways will work their best to accomplish the aim of Prime Minister Imran Khan by developing and promoting the tourism sector. Along with these safari trains, the shipment trains will also be launched soon.

This project will allow Pakistan not only to develop the tourism sector but also will add to the economic activity of the state as tourism contributes by having a major share in the state’s GDP. It will also help to eradicate corruption from the railway department by making it a more profitable area.


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