Pak Afghan hosted its first brainstorming session at their office in D-12 Islamabad on 8th of September 2020. The brainstorming session involved an informal discussion about the ambit of work by Pak Afghan Youth Forum (PAYF) and how this forum could be utilized in an optimal way to foster a deep people-to-people connection between the residents and citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Salman Javed, inaugurated the session. He briefed the participants about what is the idea of PAYF. What is its aim, objectives and scope? As well as how will the organization want to achieve these objectives? A brief presentation was shared with the guests, after which the floor was left open for a frank yet focused discussion to share various ideas about how the platform could be used. 

The session was attended by Senator Sitara Ayza, Dr. Khurram, Dr. Shabbana Fayyaz, Mr. Sajid Khattak, Mr. Ahsan Durrani, Dr. Amanullah Khan, Ms. Amina Khan, Dr. Salma Malik, Dr. Shahid Afridi, and Dr. Arshad Javed. The session was a great learning experience for the young team as the learned panelists gave great feedback and guidance to our young organization. All the panelists were supportive of the ambitions behind the creation of PAYF and wished us best of luck in our future endeavors. The key achievement of this seminar was that all these aforementioned people agreed to be a part of PAYF’s Board of Mentors.


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