Historical perspective

The jarring attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team’s Bus and a sense of insecurity about Pakistan’s terrorism levels have meant that the English cricket team has not played in Pakistan for over 15 years. However, the English team, led by Eoin Morgan, commits to playing a two-match T20 series in Karachi.

A Win for Women’s Cricket

It has been announced that for the first time in history, the English Women’s’ team will play in Pakistan as well. The team, lead by Heather Knight, will accompany their male counterparts. Turning the two-day series into double-header events. They will then stay on to play 3 more international one-day matches at the same venue. Between October  18th and 22nd 2021

Views of Management

The Managing Director of Women’s’ Cricket at the England and Wales Cricket Board expressed great excitement and hope, terming this historic. The officials at the Pakistan Cricket Board are equally enthusiastic, with the head Wasim Khan saying, “World champions England accompanying their men’s side for their first-ever tour to Karachi is an extremely powerful and strong announcement for Pakistan, our women’s cricketers as well as for the global sport.”

Pakistani Women’s Cricket Team

The Pakistani Women team has displayed commendable skill, talent, and hard work over the past few years, and is a source of pride for the country. Pakistan is not a gender equal nation, especially when it comes to the impact of culture and traditions. Many conservative families discourage daughters from sports or ban them completely. International cricket between women’s teams on national soil will be a step in a positive direction. Showing young girls that dreams are achievable. That hard work and dedication pay off while normalizing women athletes overall.

A source of pride

This visit shows that the international community has seen significant betterment in Pakistan’s security situation. They are willing to put their faith in PCB in conducting this tour successfully. This is an honour for Pakistan, and simultaneously a challenge. The PCB must ensure that every aspect of the tour meets international standards. So we can welcome more and more international teams. Our players can then face international competitions on familiar soil as well.

Image Source: AFP

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