Hillary Clinton Shows Concerns Over President Biden’s Decision- Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

During an interview with CNN, the former US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton indicated the looming threats as a consequence of President Biden’s decision of leaving Afghanistan. She said the Taliban had control in 2001 when the US launched its war on terror. Likewise, after the US leaves, the Taliban perhaps relaunch its control over Afghanistan.

In addition, the US intends to withdraw its forces by 11th September 2021 which would remark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Currently, 2500 personnel are deployed in Afghanistan. Their expected arrival back home is 11th September.

While announcing the deadline, Biden said that we have achieved objectives. The US withdrawal was justified as forces have ensured that Afghanistan’s land would not be used against the US by foreign Jihadists.

“Leaving or Staying Both Have Consequences”

Moreover, Hillary Clinton has remained one of the huge supporters of US intervention in Afghanistan after 9/11 happened. While speaking to Fareed Zakria on CNN, She said that both leaving and staying have foreknown and undesirable consequences.

Responding to a question about Biden’s decision, she said that their government had to focus on two huge consequences; the resumption of activities carried out by extremist groups and the outflowing of refugees from Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton said that the collapse of the Afghan government and take over of the Taliban would result in Civil war. This does not lie in anyone’s interest.

Zakria also stressed the need to protect thousands of Afghans who acceded and worked with US and NATO forces during the conflict and said that large series of visa programs should be launched to facilitate them.

US Forces Began Leaving Afghanistan

The rest of the troops began moving out of Afghanistan from May, as violence increased. The Afghan security forces are on high alert after the bomb blast attack in South-Western Farah province.

US secretary of state, Antony Blinken spoke at a press conference in London. He stated that Biden Administration had focused on the safe return of US troops. They had also ensured that the US would keep assisting the Afghan government.



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