Foreign Ministers Qureshi and Atmar Discuss Afghan Peace Process Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey Hold Meeting to Discuss Afghan Peace Process

A major diplomatic step to improve Pak-Afghan relations, and the prospects of peace process in Afghanistan. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Afghan foreign Minister Hanif Atmar had a telephonic conversation on Sunday. 

During the call, FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s support towards Afghanistan’s peace process. He said that a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s interest. Additionally, he also said that Pakistan fully supports a political settlement. 

Istanbul Conference, Next Step of the Peace Process

The Ministers also discussed meeting at the Istanbul Conference, scheduled to begin from the 24th of April. Both parties hoped that the UN-led summit would help in progress in the peace process. Atmar urged Pakistan to play its role in the peace talks, and help resolve the current deadlock.  

Furthermore, the prospects of building better bilateral relations were also addressed. Qureshi also expressed optimism over the effectiveness of the upcoming conference. This was while he renewed Pakistan’s commitment towards facilitating the political settlement of the conflict. Moreover, the discussion also included a future visit to Pakistan. Both Atmar and Qureshi sent out optimistic tweets from their official Twitter accounts. 

Recent Developments in Pak-Afghan Relations

This telephonic conversation comes after the Parliamentary Delegation Visit, led by the National Assembly Speaker, Asad Qaiser, was postponed. The phone call and growing diplomatic efforts have revived hopes for cooperation While growing Pak-Afghan Relations, harbor prospects of peace in the region. There is a greater need for both sides to acknowledge the presence of “spoilers” in Afghanistan.   

Pakistan has time and again proven its dedication to the Afghan Peace Process. It has used diplomatic and development efforts to help create a conducive environment for peace, It has also participated in all platforms aimed at progressing the peace process. However, continued violence in Afghanistan stands to undermine the progress that has been achieved. Pakistan needs to ensure it exerts all efforts to aid in the resumption of the peace talks.


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