Foreign Minister of Afghanistan to Visit Islamabad - Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

As time passes by, Afghan and Pakistani officials have initiated new grounds of cooperation. This is to boost the relationship between the two countries. In a recent tweet by Pakistan Ambassador at Kabul, he said that; he had constructive exchanges on Afghan Peace Process with Foreign Minister Atmar. He further added this cooperation is a road towards “strengthening Pakistan-Afghanistan relations ”.

Moreover, the two talked about bilateral cooperation. Meanwhile, Pakistan will also be hosting a conference on Afghan Peace Process. However, the officials have still not confirmed this.

Mir Rahman Rahmani in Islamabad

Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of Wolesi Jirga accompanied by a seventeen-member parliamentary delegation arrived in Pakistan on Friday. Today, Rahmani will attend an economic summit (PAECO) in Islamabad. The meeting will discuss economic and parliamentary relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mir Rahman Rahmani also said that he would discuss important political and cultural issues, security in the region, the strengthening of parliamentary relations, and the expansion of trade relations between the two countries with Pakistani officials.

This is the second visit of Wolesi Jirga Speakers from Pakistan in less than a year. Rahmani invited his Pakistani counterpart to visit Kabul. Pakistan National Assembly Speaker, Asad Qaisar flew to Kabul about a month ago. However, his plane was not allowed to land in Kabul for security reasons. Rahmani has arrived in Pakistan. The country has also formally invited Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar to visit.


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