On Wednesday, issues regarding the sudden rise in prices of goods was raised by the traders and Kabul locals. They saw the protests by truck drivers as the cause. Traders put forward their concern regarding the economy that soon if the issue will not be resolved then the country can face an economic crisis. They demand justice from government. The government should look into the matter and take appropriate steps to solve the issue urgently. The protest is happening against the grant of new permits which according to the drivers can leave them vulnerable to the police’s corruption antics. In return, the protestors have closed-off the essential highway routes. Hindering regular trade and availability of goods in the market, consequently giving rise to price hikes.

Government Response

The study shows that there has been a massive difference in prices like the price of petrol increased from 36 AFN per litre to 47 per litre. The price of flour bag went up from 1800 AFN to 2000 AFN. One trader said that the stock they have cannot last more than 10 days as the supply is stopped because of protests.

It has been said that proper and permissible action will be taken against those who are involved in blocking the highways and will be brought up to the office of Attorney General, description given by Hekmatullah Qawanch, spokesman for the Ministry of Transport. The government should take immediate action against the corruption carried out by police department as claimed by the protestors. They should also impose fine to the truck drivers for causing instability in the trade and economic condition.


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