President Election Key for Any Proposed Govt Solution Danesh - Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

In the midst of the peace deal in Afghanistan, a number of events and news are roaming. While in such circumstances the Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said on Sunday that the election is vital to the democracy of the country. Therefore, the elections must take place. It is the key element of the country’s political system. This will strengthen the people and their choice to rule and make the political system dependent on their votes.

The election is a Key Element

The government is ready to hold an early election. Elections are a key factor to any democracy. However, this will require international monitoring for the clean victory. This is also as he reiterated ‘the proposed part of the peace plan’. It is essential for the peace and stability of the country.

Mr President Insisted

As Danesh emphasized, “Mr President in particular–has insisted on an election. He has mentioned he is ready to hold an election under the international community’s observation. In the case that a (peace) agreement is finalized. The people of Afghanistan must also approve of it.”

Taliban’s View

According to a source, the Taliban have not responded whether they accept this or not. Whether they agree to the elections for transfer of power or not. A Taliban spokesman reported that people don’t trust elections. For many years elections have had a bad reputation. The spokesman, Mohammad Naeem further informed that religious scholars are working to find an alternative system.

Alternative System of Election

In Particular, Naeem stated, “The people’s trust has been removed on this issue (election). It has changed into something no one can trust in. Most importantly in the last 15 years.” He also emphasized that election is not the only means to establish a government. There are scholars working to find a mutual path for all the groups.


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