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A foreign delegation of Pakistan’s special envoy reached on April 25 in Kabul for security talks. In a meeting held in Kabul, the senior Afghan officials and Pakistani diplomats after discussion come to an agreed stance to enhance joint counter-terrorism measures.

Omar Daudzai being a Special Representative for Pakistan and Hamdullah Mohib from National Security Advisor of Afghanistan both welcomed and hosted the Pakistani delegation led by Ambassador (R) Mohammad Sadiq. Both groups shared the information and discussed the security-related issues and the solutions.

Furthermore, many important concerns came under the limelight in the meeting. The meeting took place on Sunday, in Kabul. Subsequently, both sides also discussed bilateral relations and negotiations. They also discussed the Associated Press of Pakistan and other cooperative sectors to enhance security. Furthermore, they agreed to share information to stabilize the quality of peace in both countries.

Reportedly, one major chunk of the discussion was on the core issue of terrorism. The effects of terrorism on trade and the economy is a major concern for both countries.  Moreover, both parties discussed multiple solutions. This included solutions such as; transit trade and joints steps to curb future terrorism problems.

The Pakistan envoy reached Kabul for discussion with the Afghan officials on important elements such as peace, security and related matters.

A major incident that happened between the two countries was during the visit of Pakistan’s National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar. Despite having entered the Afghan air space, the delegation was sent back. This was soon after the discovery of explosives at the Kabul airport.




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