President Ashraf Ghani Chinese Investors Plan to Invest in Afghanistan - Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

Yesterday, at the Presidential Palace, President Ashraf Ghani met with a group of Chinese investors. The investors expressed their interest in the generation of electrical energy from coal in Afghanistan. Moreover, during the meeting, President Ghani highlighted investment opportunities in Multiple sectors. He particularly emphasized the energy sectors and the potential of natural resources in Afghanistan. 

Additionally, the Chinese
investors said that they were willing to make an investment of $400 million on a coal power plant to have a capacity of generating 300 Megawatts of electricity.

The President directed Afghanistan Investment Facilitation Unit to make required arrangements in this area. He further directed the Facilitation unit to coordinate with the Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat; to facilitate the group of investors with investment opportunities and report outcomes. 

The official Twitter account of the president of Afghanistan shared news regarding Chinese investment in Afghanistan. It stated that continuing the Government’s
support for domestic and foreign investors, President Ghani met with a group of Chinese investors. They discussed a $400 Million investment plan in the Energy sector to generate 300 Megawatts of electricity using coal.  



Investment in Other Sectors

In addition to development, recently the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, said that Beijing is having discussions with third parties like Afghanistan on their inclusion in 
CPEC. He added that Afghanistan has been trading through Gawadar and Karachi ports, therefore; high-speed highways will also stretch towards Afghanistan. 

Other than the Energy sector, China’s focus has remained on three sectors – mining, transportation infrastructure, and agriculture. 


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