Afghan Businesswoman

Many Afghan women are residing in different villages throughout the whole country that are involved in various businesses to support themselves and their families. These women are facing issues related to support from the government as well as limited income which makes it difficult to fulfill their needs.

Recently, a conference was held on Saturday in Kabul under the title of ‘Afghan Women’s Role in the Economy and Investment’. Many Afghan women were present to attend this conference.

Moreover, one of the main concerns that were presented at the conference was about limited income and lack of support from the government. These are considered the main obstacles and hurdles that have to be faced by Afghan businesswomen.

A representative of the Afghanistan Youth Leaders Assembly, Fatema said that Women who contribute and run their businesses from home are not taken into consideration whereas their products sell well at the market. Hence, these businesses should be counted to improve their participation in the economy.

Women play an important role in the state’s economy with their products but in return, they are receiving very little profit for what they are making a huge effort.  For instance, one citizen claimed that the participation of rural women should also be taken into account, and should be incentivized as handicrafts and handmade rugs are key cultural outputs of the Afghan economy.

Although many women are working behind the curtains like those who help out their husbands on farms, however, they are not assumed meaningful and important in society. Though Afghan women putting their best efforts into promoting the economy and businesses they still encounter challenges and difficulties as they advance.

The government should pay heed to the women to help them in promoting their efforts in business which will not only improve the economic condition of the state but also make a good impression of the country on international platforms.


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