Blinken on Attending Turkey Conference

In an interview with ABC News, the US secretary of state Antony Blinken said that in Afghanistan, the Civil war is in “no one’s interest”. He added that either it’s the Taliban or anyone else, Civil war is in no one’s interest. Particularly, not in the interest of Afghan people to see Afghanistan falling into another longer Civil war. 

Blinken further said that in Afghanistan their goal is to reach “a just and durable settlement”. It’s about time the conflict which has been going on for 4 decades ends. With such a settlement, he sees the emergence of terrorism less likely.

Upon Taliban’s participation, Blinken said the Taliban is going to participate in the political process if they desire to participate in governance. Their desire to be recognized internationally and not to be a “Pariah” will be a plus point. 

Furthermore, answering a question being asked about young women and their education in Taliban-held areas, Blinken stated that it was unacceptable. He met some young talented women as mayor and activists, during his days in Afghanistan.  He added, in many ways Afghanistan is a transformed society.  

Blinken States: Civil War is in No One’s Interest

Moreover, Blinken placed emphasis on the Civil war. He stated that it is in no one’s interest. Blinken added that they were going to support Afghan security forces. In previous years they have trained more than 300,000 personals which have become a strong force.  

On other hand, Afghan politicians are hopeful to see the Afghan government and Taliban striking a deal before the deadline arrives. They believe any alternative scenario would not be in the favour of the Country.  

Similarly, Mohammad Ismail Khan a Former mujahideen leader said that they should avail themselves the opportunity of reaching a peace deal in between the period of withdrawing foreign troops. If both sides could not reach a deal, Afghanistan may enter into another civil war. 


Every stakeholder in Afghanistan should come forward and participate in the Peace process to reach a peaceful conclusion. Afghan people cannot afford another deadlier war. 



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